Jack’s “High Impact” Marketing System

It’s More than Just Price – It’s all about Marketing

Our powerful Home Selling System utilizes the latest technological tools available today.  Social media and listing syndication are just some of the tools that will expose your property to a wide buyer audience.  Instead of making empty promises like you have heard, you will receive a written guarantee of performance as well as a copy of my High Power Marketing System.

In short, choose a Realtor based on the Marketing System, not price or fancy claims!

“18 Reasons Why” Marketing System

Will be Provided to You in Writing:

1.  Competitive Market Analysis.

To assure your home is priced to maximize your equity, I will personally prepare and review with you an in-depth market valuation.  This market analysis will not be based on Zillow’s worthless Zestimate or Trulia’s equally worthless value estimate!

My estimate of your home’s value will be made using certified appraisal methodology (not the generic canned MLS computer CMA).  This appraiser methodology of estimating market value for your property will be based on a relevant dataset that  takes into consideration specific features of your home compared to specific features of the homes that have recently sold!

Jack will prepare an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis based on the methodology certified appraisers use. This is not the cookie-cutter computer generated market valuations that most other agents provide that  can lead to bad pricing decisions and cost you thousands of dollars!

2.  Effective Use of Technology.

Technology is transforming how Americans buy and sell homes in dramatically unexpected ways, including how they work with real estate agents. “Your Neighborhood Realtor” today bears little resemblance to the one you did business with 10 years ago.

It is hard to find another industry that has adapted technology so effectively for its customers.  No more gas consumptive “touring” of dozens of homes – many of the unsuitable homes can be eliminated through a simple search-and-send email system like the one on my website.

A Google and National Association of Realtors study in the July of 2012 showed that:

  • 90% of homebuyers searched online during their home buying process.
  • 89% of new home shoppers use a mobile search engine at the onset and throughout their research
  • YouTube is the Top Video Research Destination for Home Shoppers.
  • Typical Home Buyers take 3 months to Buy.
  • Men and Women Both Play Important Role in Real Estate Decision-Making Process.
  • New home buyers place emphasis on virtual tours and videos showcasing properties and communities.
  • 75% of senior home buyers go online to search for a home

The upshot is that real estate marketing is a whole new ball game compared to 10 years ago.  The marketing plan used to sell your home will utilize many of the following currently available technological tools.

3.  Video Tour

As part of the “High Impact Marketing Plan” a Video Tour of your home will be syndicated to numerous real estate portals.  Regardless of the price of your home, you deserve only the best marketing services a Realtor can provide.

4.  Jack’s State of the Art Website.

Your home will be placed on arguably one of Tampa Bay’s top websites –  This site ranks high in Google and other search engines and utilizes WordPress and Real Bird cutting edge tools that include:

  • Drilled-Down Specific Neighborhood Map Searches
  • Neighborhood Block Videos
  • Website syndication including:  RealBird, Zillow, Trulia, YouTube, Facebook, LindedIn, Craigslist, ActiveRain
  • A Mobile Responsive Website – most real estate websites are almost un-useable on mobile devices

5.  Compelling, Persuasive Promotion.

Often overlooked in the marketing process is the ability to write effective copy for promotional purposes.

  • Over 20 years of real estate experience coupled with a Master’s Degree in Business Administration has provided a basis for me to write clear, cogent and meaningful promotional copy.
  • Using terminology that is most effective is the key to success in property promotion.  I make use of search engine diagnostics to develop key words to use in writing content.  Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is an art not a science and is becoming more important every day as the technology of communication is rapidly evolving.
  • Take a look at my website and see if you don’t agree that it is logical, well-structured and easy to use!

6.  Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc.

The company was founded on the principles of Integrity, Service, Accountability & Professional Ethics.  Sellers can be assured of outstanding professional service that is performed with diligence and care.  Charles Rutenberg Realty is America’s premiere real estate company with over 3500 agents in Florida, Illinois & New York.  This large base of agents assures a wide exposure and offers you the best opportunity to get the best price and terms of sale for your property.

7.  Multiple Listing Service.

Your property will be listed in MyFlorida Regional Multiple Listing Service.  As a seller you can expose your property to thousands of potential buyer you would otherwise never reach.  A benefit that is sometimes overlooked is that you as a seller have hired thousands of real estate agents to sell your home.  The MLS is a very powerful tool and will help ensure you top dollar for your property.

8.  Agent-to-Agent Marketing.

Another aspect that is frequently overlooked is that in order to get the best possible price for your property the pool of potential buyers must be maximized.  Your property will be aggressively marketed to the thousands of local agents who have their own pool of potential buyers.  Agents that have homes for sale undoubtedly have move-up buyers that are potential prospects for your property.  This underutilized resource will be exploited when marketing your home.

9.  Dress Your Home for Success.

With over 20 years of experience, I know what buyers look for in their next home.  I will suggest fix-up and minor alterations that will more than pay for themselves and result in your home selling quickly and at Top Dollar.

10.  Yard Sign.

A Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc. sign will be installed.  This sign will have my direct marketing line numbers and website location.

11.  Sign Rider.

A sign rider will be installed directing potential buyer to information about your home on an individual Single Home Website with multiple pictures and virtual tour.

12.  Pre-approved Buyers.

It will be of utmost importance to insure a potential buyer is pre-approved not pre-qualified before a purchase contract is written and accepted.

13.  Negotiating the Best Possible Contract.

This is where the rubber meets the road.  It doesn’t matter how good a marketing program is, without a good negotiator you will not get the best price.  Often time the property will not get sold.  The negotiating function is of utmost importance and my years of experience focusing on this will come into play in advising and consulting you.  This will assure you that you will get the best possible price and terms of sale.

14.  Focus on Selling My Listings First.

I market new listings like yours to a large personal customer database that is continually updated with new leads obtained from the cutting edge technological tools used.  My focus is to expose your property to the most potential buyers possible, this assures you that you will get the best possible price and terms.

15.  Easy Communication with Me.

My direct line (cell phone) will be used in all marketing materials.  My phone will be on essentially 24/7.  Therefore, if someone is interested in your property, they will be able to talk to me right away.

16.  Honest Feedback.

An agent sign-in showing sheet will be placed in the house and showing feedback will be obtained.

17.  Follow Through After an Accepted Contract.

This is another critical part of the real estate transaction.  There are literally dozens of things that can cause a real estate transaction to fall apart.  My experience of over 20 years of closing transactions assures you that proper attention to detail will be uppermost in my mind.

18.  Represent You at Closing.

I will review all closing documents you must sign to ensure they are appropriate, correct and prepared properly and will be present at the closing of your property.

In addition, please review the page  – “Why You Need a Real Comparative Market Analysis

Sellers – Sell with Confidence

and Get the Best Price the Market will Bear!

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You will receive an in-depth Comparative Market Analysis report utilizing the generally accepted appraisal principles and techniques that appraiser use.  This will not be your typical generic, cookie cutter type evaluation that can lead to bad pricing decisions!

Please describe any recent remodeling, new additions, major renovations, roofs, upgrades to kitchens, bath, flooring and paint.  The more detail information you provide will result in a more reliable valuation.

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Charles Rutenberg Realty, Inc.

Charles Rutenberg Realty, with over 15 years in business is America’s premier real estate office in the country, 1550 active realtors/agents, number one in all statistics in all of the north Pinellas offices!

Built on the reputation of Charles Rutenberg himself and dedicated to the standard of excellence!  Charles Rutenberg Realty was founded on the principles of Integrity, Service, Accountability & Professional Ethics.  Buyers and Sellers can be assured of outstanding professional service that is performed with diligence and care.

The Charles Rutenberg Company is your new point of reference for all of your real estate needs.  Over 3500 Agents from Sarasota, to Hernando, to Polk County and offices in Orlando, Ft. Lauderdale, Miami, Chicago and New York City.


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