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South Pasadena Florida – City Hall

Pasadena  real  estate prices are $141,561, which is more expensive than 44.9% of the neighborhoods in Florida and 43.9% of the neighborhoods in the U.S.   Average rental prices in Pasadena are currently $768, based on Neighborhood Scout’s exclusive analysis.  Rents here are currently lower in price than 62.1% of Florida neighborhoods.

Pasadena is an urban neighborhood (based on population density) located in St. Petersburg, Florida.Pasadena real estate is primarily made up of medium sized (three or four bedroom) to small (studio to two bedroom) single-family homes and apartment complexes/high-rise apartments.  Most of the residential real estate is owner occupied.  Many of the residences in the Pasadena neighborhood are older, well-established, built between 1940 and 1969.  A number of residences were also built between 1970 and 1999.

Pasadena has a 15.6% vacancy rate, which is well above average compared to other U.S. neighborhoods (higher than 75.8% of American neighborhoods).  This could either signal that there is weak demand for real estate in the neighborhood, or that much of the housing stock is seasonally occupied, which can occur in some markets dominated by colleges or vacation homes.  Either way, if you live here year round, you will find many of the homes or apartments are empty for all or a portion of the year.

Notable & Unique Neighborhood Characteristics – The way a neighborhood looks and feels when you walk or drive around it, from its setting, its buildings, and its flavor, can make all the difference.  This neighborhood has some really cool things about the way it looks and feels as revealed by Neighborhood Scout’s exclusive research.  This might include anything from the housing stock to the types of households living here to how people get around.

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