My Commitment to You

You deserve a 5 Star Experience and that will be achieved by delivering to you cutting edge wireless technology providing you with full access to Your Complete File 24 hours a day using your computer or any mobile device!  Your own personal file will start and be maintained throughout the Buying Process which will consist of 5 steps:

  1. Our first consultation.
  2. Touring Candidates.
  3. Inspecting the Chosen One.
  4. Determining Pricing.
  5. Negotiating and Writing an Offer.

Our buying process will be fully transparent and your digital notebook will contain documents, pictures and even a signed copy of the agreements that were developed on your behalf.

At the end of your home buying journey the objective is for you to have a “5 Star Experience” with the ultimate goal of obtaining the “best home at the lowest cost” for you!

Jack prepares an in-depth comparative market analysis not the typical generic canned cookie-cutter market evaluation that can lead to bad price decisions.

As part of the Determining Pricing Step, you will be provided a comparative market analysis (CMA) of property that you are interested in.  We will develop a negotiating strategy, taking into consideration your own particular situation with the goal of getting you the best terms and lowest price possible.

The Best Service – The Best Results

In order to make your home search as efficient and productive as possible, you can use the latest technological tools such as my Auto Notification of new listings as soon as the listing hits the MLS!   You will be searching like a real estate agent.  You will no longer be plagued with error prone and outdated listing information that is so notorious on 3rd party listing portals.  Your MLS Search will be updated every 15 or less minutes.  You will be kept apprised of homes that meet your purchase criteria on the very first day they are put on the market.

In short you will be able to beat others to new listings and stay on top of what is happening in the market on a very current basis.  Best of all you can accomplish this in a non-stress, efficient and enjoyable environment!

Free Consultation

A REAL CMA Did You Know Not Only Sellers but Buyers need to have a “Real” Comparative Market Analysis (CMA) when making real estate buy and sell decisions?  WHAT IS A REAL CMA?  What do I mean by “Real”?

The popular new fad is to rely upon Zillow and Trulia and other national 3rd party portals to determine home market values.  These value estimates are simply an automated statistical method for spitting out a price based on public record factors.

The reality is, sometimes automated valuation models (AVMs) are right on, sometimes they are close, and sometimes they are really wrong. Recently as I was watching the weather forecast, I had a moment of clarity. The weather report is never accurate! Yet, for some reason, we watch the weather report every day because it gives us a fuzzy truth about what the weather conditions are most likely going to be.

At bestthese automated valuation model (AVM) are oversimplifications of the valuation process.  At worst these AVMs can cost users thousands of dollars.  In fact, a case can be made that these estimates are not even as reliable as the notoriously much maligned “drive-by appraisals” sometimes conducted in the past by real estate agents and loan processors.   Don’t trust an algorithm.  Your home is the one of your most treasured and valuable assets.  Work with a good, competent real estate agent.  Yes this is self-serving but it’s true.  I will provide you with an a Real CMA, one that is an in-depth fact based property research that utilizes generally accepted appraisal practices and techniques.  This methodology compares your properties specific attributes such as size, number of bedrooms, baths, as well as, features such as number of garages, pools, floor covering, landscaping, major and minor remodeling, age of roof, air conditioning, major appliances, paint and overall condition and upkeep. And lastly, overall market conditions and trends. That is what a REAL CMA encompases!

In short, don’t be fooled by the latest fad in valuing your home, it could cost you thousands of dollars!  Please consider this and contact me now whether you are buying or selling because you need a real CMA on which to base your price decisions.

SEARCH For Properties Like An Agent – Did You Know?

By Registering with my Website and Auto Notification – You Can

  • Save time and frustration caused by utilizing 3rd party portals that provide information that is not only old but outdated and in many cases incorrect.  The listing information that you will be provided with Auto Notification is updated every 15 minutes or less!
  • See and utilize the Same Listing Reports that Agents Use!
  • Organize and manage your search:
  • Categorize your listings by notating:
    • Favorite
    • Possibility
    • Discard

You will also be able to save notes with the listings you choose and correspond directly with me.

  • Beat Others to Hot New Listings!
    • Receive Personalized Listings the Same Day entered to the MLS!

SEARCH SMARTContact Me – By e-mail or 727-344-7610.  I will get you set up for my HomeFinder Auto Notification of for sale properties that meet your own specific requirements.  Please remember my goal is to offer you a 5 Star real estate experience.