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How to Effectively and Easily Perform Property Searches

Be the first to know about New Hot Listings with Jack’s HomeFinder property search alert.  Your alert will be using St. Petersburg’s local MLS which is Real Time Listing Information that is updated every 10 to 15 Minutes!

Smart buyers have long known that to be successful in finding the right home, getting timely listing information is paramount.  You too can search like a real estate agent and be the “Early Bird” in finding Hot New Listings.

Don’t waste your time on websites, that get information that can be weeks and sometimes months old.  These are third party listing aggregators that have become popular with the un-informed buyers.  The information these sites such as Zillow and others is often outdated, inaccurate and insufficient in detail to be reliable and useful.

The reason that these sites are a waste of time boils down to timing:

  It is well known fact in real estate that timing is everything.

So why waste your time when you can get “Real Time” listing information straight from the source.  You will be searching like the local real estate agents, utilizing the same search tools and features and detailed listing information reports that they use.

Setting up a HomeFinder search account, provides many time saving benefits that will make your home search not only easier but more effective.   Once you set up an account, you will have these benefits:

  • Be alerted in real time whenever a new listing is entered to the MLS that meets your search criteria
  • Add listings to your favorites and get price reduction and status change alerts whenever they occur.

HomeFinder Participants will have the same powerful set of user selectable criteria used by real estate agents and you can:

  • Choose to display listings on the map only or split screen with map and details.
  • Choose your favorite property details display from 7 different views.
  • You can also make, modify and define your own search criteria
  • Choose from 3 map drawing tools to conduct and display a listing search.
  • Mark as Favorite / Possibility / Discard
  • View only Favorite / Possibility / Discarded
  • Print or email listing display
  • Choose between mobile or regular display

 So There Is a Multitude of Reasons

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You are about to make your real estate purchase endeavor easier and more effective.  You simply can’t find an easier and more information packed way to find your “dream home” than to Sign Up Now to gain access  to Real Time Information and be alerted immediately to listings that meet your own personal criteria.

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