5 Property Feature Descriptions That Will Cost You Money

5 Home Selling Descriptions Not to Use in Describing Your Property

You’re about to discover 5 home selling tips that you will want your real estate agent to know and use.  The wisdom of this article could save you thousands of dollars when selling your home.  A study was done in the Dallas-Fort Worth area to determine the effects of the words used in the listing description on sales price and time on market.

The results of this study were absolutely eye opening because it exposed some wisdom that very few agents know anything about.  It was discovered that many of the common words or phrased that agents add to their listings actually hurt the seller by either a lower sales price or a longer time on market, or both.  Her are 5 of the more powerful finding from the study:

  1. “Motivated Seller” The study found no benefit only downside – the study showed a 3% lower sales price and 15% longer time on the market.
  2. “Good Buy” The study showed this phrase when added resulted in a lower price)
  3. “Vacant” The study showed that adding the word resulted in lower selling price. Maybe buyers interpreting “desperate”.
  4. “Repairs” The study showed correlation to longer time on market and lower sales price when these phrases were used: “major repairs” or “recent repairs”. However the phrase “Updated” resulted in higher price. Apparently buyers don’t automatically assume a repair is an improvement whereas an update has a more positive tone.
  5. “Good Location” The study found little use of the “good location” description, but when used, it was associated with a lesser sales price. Perhaps adding such language reveals an insecurity the agent or owner has in the value of the location.

In short, don’t use these words in the description or advertising a property because a 3 year study show that there is nothing to gain and it may result in a lower price and/more days on market and my cost you thousands of dollars when selling your home.

Listing Descriptions that Sell Houses

The best listing description is the one that gets the buyer to imagine living in the home.  You want to go well beyond features, such as “a big kitchen”, and go deep into the benefits as well as, evoking emotion.  Here is an example of a description that you can truly feel:

“This cozy home is conveniently close to all the amenities of life.  It has been lovingly maintained and cared for over the years, from the beautiful landscaping to the spacious interior and generous rooms and to the recently updated kitchen.  This lovely home is upscale urban living at its best.  Imagine yourself as the next caretaker of this charming cottage evoking the style and quality of a bygone era.  You are buying a lifestyle not just a home”.

Not only does the above description draws out emotion but it helps the reader” visualize” living in the property.  Although it is not the only factor, having an emotion laden description that omit those words and phrases that have been proven to reduce the sales price and increase the days on market will put you in a better position to sell your house as efficiently as possible.